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Dieser Blog mit deutschem und teils englischem Inhalt richtet sich an alle, die beruflich im Enterprise-Umfeld mit Microsoft Fabric oder Power BI Datenprodukte entwickeln und betreiben und dabei ständig auf der Suche nach neuen Lösungen und Verbesserungsmöglichkeiten sind.

Insbesondere richtet er sich an alle die im Kontext großer Organisationen mit Themen wie Automation, Administration, Governance, Security oder Performance zu tun haben.


Dieser Blog soll ein zwangloser Ort sein, an dem wir Ideen austauschen und voneinander lernen.


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Supporting multi-developer scenarios for Power BI

CI/CD, Branching and other DevOps concepts are very beneficial when it comes to development processes for software or in IT in general. Unfortunatelly Power BI falls short when it comes to support some of the concepts of DevOps out of the box. In this situation external tools may come to the rescue and fill the gap. ALM Toolkit is one of those tools...



DevOps for Power BI - What is it? Do you need it? And which options are available?

Conflicting developments in multi developer scenarios, hotfixes done in production, time consuming and manual deployment processes for datasets and reports or forget to change parameter settings when deploying from test to production. Does that sound familiar to you?...



Fetching geodata information using Bing Maps in Power BI

Sometimes you might have to perform analysis based on geographical information. Be it that you have to calculate the distance or travel duration between two points, you need to display some points of interest on a map or simply the need to fetch information such as latitude or longitude for an address to use it in a geospatial visualisation...



Part 2: Handling missing data in Power BI using R

Missing data is a topic that has received unsufficient attention. All demos, posts and examples normally suppress the fact that in many projects data is likely to be incomplete. There are various reasons for this. In real world missing data is everywhere and significantly influences the quality of your analysis...



How Power BI can help accelerate your BI delivery speed and quality

Complex decisions are constantly being taken within organisations, with increasing frequency. Often these decisions rely on data. Organisations that still bet solely on the classic approach of centralized Corporate BI often struggle supporting decisions due to long delivery times of their BI solutions and a lack of balance between IT knowledge and Business knowledge introduced into the solution...



Start of series: Getting started with R in Power BI

Power BI is a versatile Business Intelligence platform that offers an endless range of options, features and technical skills to master. In addition Power BI can be enhanced by various extensions such as Python or R. These languages open a wide range of capabilities to use in your data analysis process. This series is about using the R-language in Power BI.



Best practice: Where to create a calculated column in Power BI, SSAS or Power Pivot?

One of the many aspects I love about Power BI is that you can achieve the same goal in many different ways. This will allow you to choose the path that best suits your personal preferences, technical skills or specific restrictions...



Time-Intelligence im DirectQuery-Mode von Microsoft Power BI

Die Analyse von Daten nach Zeiträumen und Vergleichsperioden ist eine wesentliche Anforderung an die Reporting- und BI-Lösungen vieler Unternehmen. Zum Glück bietet DAX mit den sog. Time-Intelligence Funktionen eine Vielzahl an Möglichkeiten, solche Analysen schnell und effizient durchzuführen.

Allerdings werden Time-Intelligence Funktionen, zumindest zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt, nicht in allen Einsatzszenarien von Power BI unterstützt. Eines dieser Szenarien ist der Datenzugriff via DirectQuery...



Extended filter criteria in DAX: Using the IN-operator

Since November 2016 the IN-operator is also available in DAX and extends your possibilities to filter table expressions in Power BI, Excel 2016 (from version 1701) or SSAS Tabular 2017. In this article we take a look at how and where you can use the IN-operator in DAX.





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